Life on Campus

You define the kind of life you want to have on campus; ours is to make sure that our students have all it takes to have a balanced social and academic life.

We are of the opinion that the social life of our students is as vital as the course they are enrolled in. So we have numerous side attractions to keep the students engaged. There are loads of sports club that student can become engaged in; ranging from basketball, cricket, volleyball, football, etc.

There are singing clubs and loads of competitions that go with them as well, so whether you are music inclined, sports lover, drama or lover for the quizzes and debates, you can get to fix yourself somewhere, and make the most of your time while on campus.

During these club meetings, students tend to build relationships that transcend the campus, which is truly a great thing, as we believe that school should involve more than just getting a bachelors or masters. We truly encourage students to network and build relationships with each other.

The campus is often a beehive of activities at night, as students organize and attend events; while some are social based, others are academic oriented. Birthdays, graduation, matriculation, etc. all go to make you’re the campus live fun to be.

There really are no strict guidelines as to how students socialize, but they are encouraged to keep decorum and stay of fights as it could lead to expulsion. In general, campus live can be really fun to be a part of.

The cafeterias are always a fun place to hang out, as students get to meet and make new friends while fixing themselves up on a great meal. Live on campus poses so much fun activities that could be distracting if the students isn’t careful, and that’s why we propose balance in every single dealing while on campus; remembering perpetually the sole reason of being in school is to graduate with excellence.