Gaining admission into our school is very competitive, as we strive to make sure that only those who are really in dire need of education and are ready to put in the work are given a spot in our very limited space.

We are committed to quality learning and we encourage those who have a desire to be the best in their chosen endeavor to give us a shot.

Our admission process is very rigorous, and the demands are stiff, as we extensively try to ensure that we don’t let go of those who truly deserve the process. Usually, you will be required to write a statement of purpose as to why you want a spot in our school, and send in letters from 3 references, as to why you deserve to be admitted.

All prospective students are to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $100 before their registration would be processed. Students are advised to contact the department they seek admission in and check out their admission requirements.

Those who are shortlisted for admission are often contacted with the next line of operation.

We offer scholarships to students who apply for it stating reasons why they should be considered. There are scholarships that also open up from time to time, and students who have no means to further their education are advised to apply. These applications are screened and successful applicants are notified.

Scholarship and admission are a continual process, and so we urge everyone who doesn’t get admission at the time they apply not to give up. Basically improving yourself will give you a better chance when you apply next.

Our admission process is very transparent and void of any form of manipulation, and so we encourage all applicants to trust us, and patiently wait for the process to take its cause. If you are qualified, we would not hesitate to reach out to you.

Again, we want to thank you for taking an interest in our school, and for considering being a part of us. We are thrilled to know that we matter to you.

Our master’s degree in information technology offering is one of the best there is out there, and we encourage you to give our admission process a shot, as you can be certain that we have all it takes to meet your specific education needs.

If you have any special interests or concerns, we encourage you to send us an email and we would gladly tend to your requests. We eagerly wait to have you join us.