We have a fully equipped library with the latest of materials to keep our students up to date with their research works. We believe that no future can be birthed without an investment into education, and that’s what we make possible by our library.

For all kinds of research, a peep into our library makes that possible. We make available quality materials that are concurrent with time in our libraries, and are constantly ensuring that all our materials are swapped and replaced with the most recent edition so that our students are perpetually brought up to speed.

The ambiance in our library spells comfort and serene, and one that commits students to immediately want to read or carry out their research work. For us, we are aware that a reading culture is formed by creating the right atmosphere, and we make that happen.

We have a parking lot that makes it easy to come in and out of the school. So accessibility for us is one that we put into consideration; making driving in and out of the school premises super easy. Our school is also located in a very safe community; giving peace of mind to every one of our attendees.

We have a swimming pool facility and a gym which is accessible to students who wish to engage in any of these activities. The school cafeteria is one that is designed with the latest of decors and a beautiful sight to behold.